A New Day


I woke up today and was greeted by gallons and gallons of water pouring from the sky.

It was 10:00 in the morning, but there was no sun in sight. Only rain. Lots of rain and thunders.

Today has marked a complete cycle of one week that I won my battle with Covid-19. It was a strenuous, uphill battle for the last couple of weeks, to say the least. Unlike most of the publications, my symptoms lasted 3.5 weeks to almost a whole month — I lost count of the exact days. Maybe my body was taking its time to heal the damages that have been done unto it for years.

So today, the rain gave me a hopeful feel: metaphorically to wash away all things tarnished or toxins. It was as if it helped wash the pain, suffering, uncertainty, and even the virus away from this earth. I can only hope because that seems to be the only plausible thing to do in a situation like this: not to lose hope.

Even though Covid-19 has made its way around the globe for a while now (some sources even said that autumn of 2019 was when the virus made its first appearance), the USA was not truly impacted until around March, which was roughly one month ago. It has definitely been one long month, like a 300-day month instead of a 30-day month.

Today is the first time in one month and some days where I have the energy to feel “alive” again. The past week, I was slowly regaining my health, but I was not fully there.

It has been more than a month that I am “jobless,” yet, I could not pull myself together to file for unemployment because my head was not thinking straight. Most days, I just lounged around in my room (social distancing from my family members), surfing the web, watching Netflix, Hulu… you name it, zoning in and out of sleep (hoping that rest would recuperate me faster). I did not know if that was permissible, considering that financial burden is something to not be taken lightly of. However, at the same time, I did not know how else to cope with this — all of this. Maybe it was my sense of escapism, but I have convinced myself that I am “allowed” to slack off, to have this relaxing time for my body to heal. Yet, at the same time, I feel like I should be doing something to contribute, even if it merely “selfishly” means to keep me and my family afloat in a time like this.

Christmas music in April. Who would have thunk? But maybe it is a form of self-soothing and nostalgia to when everything was not revolving around this pandemic, to life and death. Maybe the time of holidays bring a little magic and sparkles into my soul, and I am hopeful that something “magical” will happen to our mankind soon.

The unemployment application website is opened, but words started blurring together on the white screen as I perused through the instructions and forms. I am no business-person nor am I a healthcare provider, but just as another human being going through this experience, I feel like the world will be changed after all of this is over… however long “this” may be.



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TrangKing C.


Just another fish in the sea; another person in this mist..